Hello New Future Driving Instructor!

 Welcome to our school, this page will help you be successful in the course and in your career as a driving instructor.

 Your English knowledge must be good enough to learn new ideas and to repeat them in English. 

  • If you think you may have a problem with your English understanding, please call our office at 604-530-7670 as soon as possible. 

You must pass a written test before you can enter the course. 

  • Watching our Entrance Test Video will help you pass the test. If you don’t watch this video, you will probably fail the test.
  • To watch the video, click here: https://aaaeasypark.com/itc/   The password for the video page is: ITC33    The only video for you to watch is in Section 1 at the top of the page: “Video for Future Driving Instructors to Watch“.
  • The video and the test are based on this book, click it: Learn to Drive Smart. Reading this book and using it during the video will help you in the course.
  • Call the office at 604-530-7670 to find out the next date for taking the written Entrance Test. 

You must pass a driving test in-car with us before you can start the course. 

  • We test your basic driving to make sure you can drive legally and safely. First, we will give you a lesson to help your driving and then we will give you the driving test.
  • Reading the book above will also help you pass the driving test.
  • Call the office at 604-530-7670 to make an appointment for your in-car road test with us. 

You can pay to re-take a test you fail.

  • You can look on our website here: https://aaaeasypark.com/course-calendar/instructor-courses/  to see how much you must pay to re-take a failed test. You can also see more information about the instructor course on this same webpage.
  • If you fail any single test 3 times, you might have to be removed from the course.

If you are uncertain about your schedule for any in-class or in-car dates, please call our office: 604-530-7670

Thanks, and Best of Luck,

John and Teresa, Owners,

AAA Easypark Driving Academy, Inc.