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British Columbia
Driving Instructor Training Course

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This is the course that ICBC and the B.C. Government require you to take in order to become a Licensed Driving Instructor in the Province of British Columbia. On successful completion of this course, you send in your completion certificate to ICBC along with the fee for your license, and ICBC will mail you your official B.C. Driver Training Instructor’s License in 2-3 weeks.

Once you get your instructor’s license, you can work as an instructor at any driving school anywhere in British Columbia or you could even start up your own driving school!

  • 3-week course
  • Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • 2 Entrance exams, 1 practical and 1 written, required by ICBC before you start the course, included
  • 6-hours in the bac seat observing in-car lessons, included
  • 1 week in-class, and 2-weeks in-car
  • Two in-class and two in-car exams, as required by ICBC, included
  • Re-take any written exam: $50, in-car re-test: $125.
  • Private 1-on-1 tutoring: $85/hr.
  • Investment in your future: Only $4,600. Please call 604-530-7670 to register
  • $460 non-refundable advance deposit required to hold a place in the course
  • Balance of 4,140 due at the start of the course

First, contact ICBC here to get pre-approved.

And, give us a call at 604- 530-7670 and we can help answer any questions you may have; we look forward to helping you learn and helping you be one of the best – our mission: To produce some of the best driving instructors in the Province, always in an environment of respect, patience, and dignity.

Email us to reserve your spot.

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Or Give Us a Call :: (604) 530-7670

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