About Us

Why do we teach people to drive? Why did we enter the driving school industry nearly 2 decades ago? We want to save lives and make a difference; our goal is to reduce the crashes and the carnage on the roads of B.C. and we won’t stop until we succeed.

We dream of a British Columbia in which you can trust your fellow driver, a place where courtesy and common sense rule. This is our crusade. We want to help make B.C. a place to be copied and admired — known worldwide for the quality of our driving citizenry. No longer do we want to be known as the number one province in Canada with the highest crash rate per kilometer of roadway, and no longer on our roads shall we have the highest fatality rate of any developed country in the world; we are here to help change all that; we are here to do our part.

Because we believe that 8,500 teenagers and youth killed, on average, each and every year is just not acceptable– we are going to make a difference. It is an uphill battle, to be sure, we know it– with over 85% of drivers in B.C. having never seen the inside of a driving school classroom or a driving school car, it’s going to be tough, but this is why we are here, this is why we exist. We serve Surrey, Delta, Langley, White Rock, and Abbotsford. We’re on a Mission. Signature of John driving school in Surrey Langley Delta Aldergrove Abbotsford White Rock President

Take Our Quiz

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Guess the amount of points against your license and the fine

Guess how many points against your license you will have and the fine you would have to pay for these driver offenses


No driver’s licence/wrong class

0 + $250     2 + $239     3 + $276


Reverse when unsafe

0 + $99     3 + $87     2 + $109


Drive without insurance

5 + $598     0 + $598     2 + $297


Fail to stop or leave safely at railway crossing

2 + $109      2 + $239      3 + $276


Follow too closely

3 + $109      0 + $109      2 + $109


Drive without consideration

2 + $109      0 + $240      6 + $196


Open door while unsafe

2 + $81 0 + $81 0 + $121


Disobey construction signs

2 + $196 – $253      3 + $196 – $253      2 + $109 – $223


Pass vehicle yielding for pedestrian

0 + $598      3 + $167      2 + $109


Emailing or texting while driving

2 + $196      3 = $150      3 + $167


Did you know that there are over 115 driver offenses you can be fined and gain points against your license for? Read our newsletters for more information on driver penalty points and driving offenses

Backing in safer than backing out

jaylen2 - Driving school and lessons in Surrey bc and LangleySCHOOL is back in session now and we need to adjust the way we see things so, this month I would like to talk about “KIDS and BLIND ZONES”! How many kids do you think could be behind a vehicle without being seen by you in your mirrors? First, take a guess at that number, then click on the video at the right and watch it for a bit. Backing up is one of the most dangerous maneuvers we do in our cars and we do it almost every day so we may not give it much thought; this video might make us think twice.