Company Policies 2


To produce safe, knowledgeable drivers, and to provide quality instruction by well trained, professional instructors. We are founding members of The British Columbia College of Professional Driver Trainers Association, the largest Association of its kind in B.C., and we are expected to abide by all standards of excellence and integrity, placing the public’s well-being above all other considerations.


We offer private lessons to our students. That is, under most circumstances only two people, the student and instructor, are in the training vehicle at one time. There may be occasions when others may have to be present due to scheduling issues or for training purposes. However, on your road test ICBC might place multiple examiners in the car, and we can’t control what ICBC does.


Lessons will normally be a full 60 minutes or 90 minutes or 120 minutes or any other length of time agreed upon between student and school or student and instructor. During the lesson, the student will receive both driving time behind the wheel and verbal training where the training vehicle may or may not be in actual motion due to safety considerations, and each of our lessons contains at least 60% actual practice driving time. All lessons start and end at the appointed time, although the lesson may start earlier if there is mutual agreement between the student and the instructor. If the student is late for a lesson appointment the student loses that portion of the lesson time for which he or she was late. If the instructor is late for a lesson appointment the student does not lose any lesson time, as the student will receive a time extension of his or her lesson equal to the time the instructor was late either immediately at the end of the same lesson or on another lesson at a future date in addition to that lesson’s normal and regular length.
Please allow your instructor a 15 minute grace period if he or she is not at the appointed place at the appointed time before contacting AAA Easypark Driving Academy. Your instructor may be delayed due to heavy traffic or due to other circumstances beyond our control, but rest assured you will always receive the time that is due to you. Vehicle and/or instructor may be changed without notice.


You’ve completed all your lessons, you now have your new driver’s license and you’re so happy and pleased with your lessons that you just have to tell somebody! What to do?!? Well, you can write a lasting message on your permanent student record; or you can send a message to AAA Easypark Driving Academy at 6660 205th St., V2Y-2X9 or learntodrive@aaaeasypark.com. Or, write to Manager, Driver Training and Assessment Standards, ICBC, 910 Government St., Victoria, B.C., V8W 3Y5.


What should a student do if there is some issue with the service our driving academy provides? Firstly, talk it over with your instructor. They are all trained professionals who know how to listen and whose job it is to make you as comfortable as possible while teaching you to be a good, safe driver. If that does not resolve the situation, then call us at AAA Easypark Driving Academy and ask to speak to the Office Manager and we will do everything in our power to make things right for you. And lastly, if all else fails you can write a letter to Manager, Driver Training and Assessment Standards, ICBC at the address given in the above paragraph.


All students will receive the driving time they have paid for or, in the case of a prepaid package of lessons, students can receive a refund of any unused in-car portion of their package (for in-car lessons not yet received) by notifying AAA Easypark Driving Academy of the intention to withdraw from all remaining lessons. The student will be charged the regular single lesson rate (see Tuition Fee Schedule) only for the in-car lessons already taught. The theory portion ($12/hr.) is not refundable. There are no other service charges for withdrawing from lessons provided you cancel according to the guidelines contained in the Late Cancel / No Show Policy (see reverse). The above refund schedule also applies to students expelled from AAA Easypark Driving Academy, Inc.


We currently offer a Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) ICBC Approved Course that can give our students a 6 month reduction in the waiting time at the Novice (“N”) Stage (call for details and restrictions); a Defensive Driving in-car/in-class course; a “Deluxe Package” (in-car only) for the beginner; a “Basic Package” (in-car only) for brush-up or as a refresher for road test preparation; an Emergency Manoeuvres Road Hazard/Crash Avoidance Course and individual in-car lessons and evaluations. See our “Tuition Fee Schedule” for details. Additional lessons may be taken at any time. Prices and/or packages may be changed without notice. There is a $25 service fee charged for all cheques returned to us by your bank. We accept cash, cheques, and major credit cards. Please make cheques payable to: AAA Easypark and have your payment ready at the beginning of the lesson. We can not accept post dated cheques.


ICBC charges applicants $35 for a Class 7 road test and $75 for an original licence fee when an applicant passes a road test (a total of $110). Applicants must present themselves to ICBC at least 15 minutes before the test is to begin. ICBC may charge you $25 if any road test is not cancelled with them at least 48 hours in advance. ICBC will need (i) your Learners Drivers Licence; (ii) primary and secondary I.D. (see “Proof of Identity” on the inside cover of the Road Sense for Drivers Guide); and (iii) the $110.00 mentioned above. You may be refused a road test if any of the above is missing.

When we pick you up, remember to bring your signed Driver’s Log(s) showing at least 60 hours of driving if you have taken our GLP ICBC Approved Course and want a potential 6 month Novice Stage waiting time reduction. On the road test day we charge a flat-rate of 120 minutes of car time although the actual time spent may be slightly more or less. We allow 45 minutes for a warm-up drive, 15 minutes for verbal review at the Motor License Office, 45 minutes for the road test itself and 15 minutes for the drive home afterwards. You must notify us of your desire to cancel a road test at least 72 hours in advance to avoid ICBC charging you the $25 late cancellation fee mentioned above.

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