TOP 10 Road Test Tips

girl-keys-lessons driving Surrey bc langley
1.   Remember to shoulder check just before every turn and lane change.

2.   Check your rear view mirror every 5-8 seconds and every time you slow down or press your brake.

3.   Come to a full, complete stop for all red lights and stop signs with no part of your car over the white line if there is one.

4.    Stay close to the speed limit if conditions allow, but don’t go over the speed limit.  Remember that all 30km zones are in effect (if today is a school day); if the sign reads 30km/hr then you must do 30km/hr, if the sign does NOT read 30 km/hr then you must NOT do 30km/hr.

5.   Do a 360 degree check just before backing, and look out the back window when moving backwards.

6.   At a four way stop, it is first come, first serve (whoever gets to the white line first should go first, whoever gets there second should go second, and so on).  If two cars arrive at about the same time, then the person on the right is supposed to go first.

7.   Remember to scan all your intersections left, centre, right, centre.

8.   Do not stop in an intersection if there is no room to leave the intersection on the other side, do not enter it.

9.   Remember, cover your brake when approaching a stale green light until you reach the point of no return.

10.  Never stop on top of a railroad track, do not change lanes when approaching a train track.