Too Slow in the Fast Lane?

slower_traffic_sign Surrey Langley Driving School LessonsQ: Should I drive really fast when I get in the “fast lane”?

A: Actually, the speed limit is the same for ALL the lanes on the roadway, therefore… …there technically is no “fast” lane or “slow” lane! But when a driver talks about “the fast lane” he or she usually means the left-most driving lane.

The law does state that slower traffic(not slow traffic) must keep to the right, and this is the smartest and the safest thing to do. If you are traveling slower than most other traffic on the roadway, then for safety’s sake, you should be in the right-most lane of traffic when practical.

If you want to pass someone or if you begin or end a left turn, then go to the left lane, but don’t stay there if many others are moving faster than you are.

It’s always best to keep vehicles that are traveling at very different speeds separate from one another so that’s why this rule exists. Note this rule has nothing to do with the posted speed limit, it is only talking about relative speed. Being in the left lane and adhering to the speed limit (when conditions allow) while many others are going way faster actually puts you at risk; you don’t want to be dead-right, do you?

Here is a test that you can apply to yourself to make sure you are safe:

if three cars pass you on the right, you’re probably in the wrong lane!

And remember, no matter which lane you are in, you can be fined for exceeding the posted speed limit and the faster you go, the harder you hit in a crash. What do you think; Agree or Disagree?