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Stall Parking Driving Tip: When parking in a stall, its usually safest to back in to the stall so you wont have to back out when leaving. If there are two empty facing stalls with no barrier between them, drive through one into the next so your vehicle is facing forward.

Parallel parking driving tips: Park parallel and within 30 centimeters from the curb. When parking on a hill turn the wheels to stop your vehicle from rolling into traffic. When parked on the right side of a roadway, turn the wheels RIGHT when UPHILL WITHOUT a curb or DOWNHILL WITH or WITHOUT a curb. Turn the wheels LEFT when UPHILL WITH a curb. Set the vehicle in “park” gear and set the parking brake. If you are feeling hesitant or nervous about parallel parking remember that AAA Easypark Driving Academy, Inc. makes learning how to parallel park easy!