12 Steps for Directing a New Student Driver – Part 1 of 12

AAA Easypark Driving Academy’s “Twelve Step” in-car program of defensive driver training.

Photo-Driving-School-Lesson-Surrey-LangleyHere is stage one of our twelve steps to help guide and direct a new students training and development. During stage one new drivers have little to no experience when it comes to how to operate a vehicle. It is important to not overwhelm the new driver by only focusing on these first six things.

#1 Instruments and controls, point out where different controls are around the steering wheel. Next,

#2 is seeing eye habits. How to use your most important tool, your eyes.

#3 Evaluation drive, go for a drive and see exactly where the student is at to begin with.

#4 Lesson planning, how often are you planning to go out driving between now and their road test.

#5 Straight Path Steering and

#6 Gas and Brake control.  

These should be the first things worked on when driving for the first time, again to not overwhelm the new driver, to help calm down nerves and anxieties about driving for the first time, and to develop confidence at these introductory skills.